Safety barrier installations

Guardrail installations

Personally tailored and delivered to the highest standards

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Free In-Depth Site Survey

Every site is unique, with its own challenges to safety, so we provide a team of specialists to meticulously create a bespoke analysis.


We take into account everything from traffic flow and vehicle types, to turning points and angles of impact. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate products and fixings to suit your environment, operations and flooring, and enables us to offer bespoke expert advice on pedestrian-vehicle segregation, traffic management, and risk reduction.

From the survey data we will produce an in-depth safety evaluation complete with CAD drawings and a needs assessment for your approval.


Our certified crews receive comprehensive training in all aspects of the install process.


Once an installation is approved, we will arrange a crucial pre-start meeting to discuss the logistics of A-SAFE equipment being moved onto your site. This might include the need to clear a specific area, the safe management of personnel or the removal of an existing barrier. 


A Health & Safety File is produced and submitted for evaluation and approval. This includes a personally tailored Method Statement outlining the details of the full installation process.  A start date is then agreed.