Reducing risk, minimising costs, safeguarding operations.

Typical Products Supplies (Pty) Ltd is an authorized distributor of A-SAFE fixed polymer safety barriers, used around the world to offer unbeatable, cost-saving protection for buildings, personnel and equipment.

A-SAFE iFlex barriers are designed to absorb and dissipate impacts from vehicles or hardware, protecting structures, people and machinery and thereby offering huge savings in maintenance, replacement products and down time.

Typical Products Supplies was formed in 2005 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our services, however, extends throughout the country and beyond the borders.


 Why is A-Safe so different?
 A-Safe Pedestrian & Forklift Separation Barriers are the most innovative safety barrier systems ever. So innovative in fact, that it effectively makes conventional steel barriers obsolete. ASafe products protect profits, workforces, machinery, buildings and vehicles –Simply Safer, Simply Better
A-Safe’s success lies in the modular constructed Memaplex polymer-based material that all the products in the range are constructed from. Unlike steel, which simply dents or crumples when a vehicle hits it, an A-Safe barrier will spring back into shape, thanks to its built-in memory.
 Naturally, this greatly reduces the need for damage repairs, both to the barrier and to the vehicle itself.
 Huge Savings on Maintenance
 Dramatic reduction in barrier, floor & vehicle damage. A-Safe Barriers could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance compared to conventional steel barriers.
 Safety First!
 The yellow and black colour scheme enables both pedestrians and drivers to see at a glance where they should and shouldn’t be. The colours are solid, so repainting is never required. All products are tested and certified to standards and meet the most stringent Health & Safety guidelines. What’s more, they’re fully recyclable, with a much lower carbon footprint than steel.


Other Products

Steel Guard-rails

Kee Klamp® Tubular Fittings

A Cost Effective Alternative to Welding with Unlimited Applications.

Steel tube is an inherently efficient structural component. It is strong, has no sharp corners, and is readily available. The difficulty in using steel tube to form structures arises when joining. Threaded tube must be supplied in set lengths making for zero flexibility in installation. Welding is labour intensive, requires a highly skilled workforce, and specialised equipment.

The answer is KEE KLAMP fittings. The underlying principle is simple but highly effective: use slip-on fittings to create versatile and rigit tubular structures.

KEE KLAMP tubular fittings are galvanised iron castings manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 1562 & 1563. We have engineered a range of fittings to suit different tube sizes, from 17.5mm to 60.3mm. Hexagon socket set screws firmly lock the fitting to the tube.


Pallet Gates (Mezzanine)

Pallet Gates are designed to provide a safe access solution for factory and warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working surfaces.

Transporting pallets around factories and warehouses can present a number of safety issues. This is particularly apparent when the worker has to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, as this could result in a fall from height. Kee Safety's pallet gates eliminate this safety issue, as they provide a simple solution that results in employees always being separated from the hazard.

Our pallet gates are designed to fit seamlessly into a new or existing guardrail or barrier and ensure there is continuous protection in place while goods are being moved either up to or down from the mezzanine.


Steel-To-Steel Connections

An extensive range of clamping products designed for making steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding.

1. BEAMCLAMP is an extensive range of steel to steel clamping products designed for making steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding. The clamping system gives the specifier the peace of mind that once the connection is made it has a guaranteed safe working load, and it also provides flexibility for the user when installing and reduces the overall cost. The system is also ideal for areas where drilling or welding is not allowed or access and power is restricted.

The use of BEAMCLAMPS for steel to steel connections allows for much easier adjustability after the connection has been made by simply loosening the bolts, realigning and re-tightening the bolts again afterwards.


2. BOXBOLT is a fully tested and approved blind fixing solution for connecting in to a steel cavity, whether it be hollow section steelwork or where access is restricted to one side only. The BOXBOLT cavity fixing is suitable for use with rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections. The BOXBOLT features a hexagon head design to aid installation with a standard spanner but also allows it to be installed with our uniquie BOXSOK installation tool for when installation time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

The BOXBOLT is available in three finishes, these are: Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanised or Stainless Steel. These finishes combined with three lengths of BOXBOLT make it extremely flexable to suit its environment and application.



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